Different techniques to enjoy sex by breaking monotonous ways

The intense of sexual pleasure can be enjoyed only by exploring different sexual activities rather than doing same style of sex for long time. It is always important to keep the sexual life interesting so that the pleasure can be beyond expectation. Sex is one of the major functions of the body which is used to attain the bliss of sex and to give birth to generation. In terms of attaining the pleasure, there is nothing wrong to try different methods of sex and different sex positions. Some people use to be much interested in sex whereas others use to have normal sexual interest. Sex is all about interest. If a person does not have proper interest in sex then the possibilities of attaining exciting climax is seldom.

Have some interest

Interest is most important to have enjoyable sex. Unless the person has interest in having sex the person will not involve in it during having sex with the partner. This is the major issue with many couples that either husband or wife will not involve properly hence either of the persons will get frustrated. This is also one of the reasons for extra marital affairs. Some of the men and women tend to choose extra marital affair to get the expected sex and pleasure. They seek the pleasure of sex from where they can get. Therefore it is most important to show or express the interest. Show your sexual interest to your sexual partner so that she or he can understand it and get involve deeper. Get engaged in mind and soul as sex is not only based on body.

Break the routine

If you are having same type of sex for long time, better break the routine. It is quite common that human mind will get excited to try new things. There are many people who would like to try new things in sex. Such people may try having sex other areas than bed. It is more common to have sex in bed. So, if you change the place you will have some interesting time. Choose any place like having sex at kitchen or bathroom. This will give you new experience and will surely increase the pleasure. Of course you should find your comfort but if you want to have unusual pleasure then get out of your comfort zone.


Don’t swallow all at once

If you like to engage in passionate sexual activities to attain intense orgasm or climax then always be slow and keep moving. Some people don’t use to be slow in foreplay and intercourse. As they get the sexual urge in mind, they will start making out as fast as possible and will directly move on to intercourse. Starting from foreplay till the end, keep it gradually because as you progress gradually, both of you will reach screaming climax.

The ultimate aim is to attain the climax like never before. If you rush you will end up in normal climax. If your partner is too fast, try to explain and don’t cooperate for his or her speed, just maintain steady moves. Both of you have to enjoy minute by minute, every bite and not swallowing all at once.

Share each other

As far as sex is concerned it is important to understand that sexual partners have to speak each other about the interests they have in sex. Take time to share the sexual interests so that it will be assisting for both the persons to cooperate and give the best to satisfy. Rather than guessing, it is better to talk about sex and get to know the interests each other have. On the #1 meet n fuck site you can use its chat capabilities to communicate with your sexual partners and get to know them. You can share your interest and ask your partner about his or her sexual interest as each person will have some interests for sure.

Try sexual massage

One of the most sexual foreplay could be sexual massage. It is quite interesting to massage each other as it will increase the arousal. The best advantage of massage is that not only it increases the arousal but also in eases the body and makes the person ready for sex. It relives discomfort in body and mind. During the massage the person completely comes in to sexual mood and forgets other clutches of day to day life.