Important facts about strip clubs

Strip club has become more famous as the number of people visiting strip club is increasing everyday. Strip club is a place of informal party where strippers strip on the stage in a teasing manner and they also do pole dance. Strippers appear on the stage with les dress and will start removing it with teasing movements. Sexy hot music will be played besides the strip and it will be exciting and spectators will get arousals in not time. Strippers do it to satisfy the spectators over there.


As the strippers start stripping, men at strip clubs having their drinks and watching the strippers will give money to the strippers as tip. As they tip, they don’t just give but they insert the money in the boobs or they will keep in the butt. Strippers not only strip but they do boob and butt dancing. In a teasing manner, stripper will strip their dress only by one and they don’t rush it. This is to increase the curiosity of the spectators. As the spectators get in to curiosity, they will enjoy the show for sure. That is why the strippers do gradually and those that attract the spectators will get more money as tips.

Age limit

Strip clubs are in many different places of the cities. There are stringent rules about strip clubs in which the most important rule is that interested people above 21 years old only will be allowed others will not be allowed at any cost. The strip club where no alcohol is served allows people above 18 years old but the strip clubs that serve alcohol will allow only people above 21. Two types of strip club categories are there such as nude strip clubs and topless strip clubs.

In the nude strip clubs, the strippers will strip completely nude without any piece of dress but in the topless strip clubs, the strippers will appear and remove the top alone. They don’t go completely nude. Therefore as per the type of club, the age limit changes. There are many other rules in strip club hence each person interested in visiting a strip club has to fulfill it otherwise they will be thrown out.

Bright lights

As far as strip club is considered, it is important to choose the best strip clubs. Speaking of best strip clubs, it is nothing but high class strip clubs. There are some reasons to recommend high class strip clubs. Actually the main intention of visiting strip clubs is to see attractive strippers naked or topless. As you pay for it do you mind seeing the strippers under dim lights? If you visit normal strip clubs that saves your money you will have to see strippers under dim light hence you will not have worth watching show. That is why you have to visit high class strip clubs where you can see the strip show under bright lights increasing your arousals.

Dirty place

If you choose to visit local and low class strip clubs then you have to sit in a dirty and stinking place. Forget about the toilet but the spectator place will be dark and dirty without proper claimless. As the place is not clean you will not sit properly and relax to enjoy the strip show but you will feel disturbed to be there. That is not nice because your main intention to enjoy the show without thinking anything. If you want to enjoy the show completely better choose high class strip club. Moreover you will not find best toilet facilities in low class and local strip clubs.


In the high class strip clubs, professional bouncers will be there to check your ID and bouncers will direct you to your seat. For your information the bouncers will treat you politely and you will feel respected. But in the low class strip clubs, there will not be any professionally trained bouncers, rather one or two dull headed will be there and they don’t help the people at any cost but will throw you out if necessary and unnecessary.

Finding the best strip clubs is easy as you can search for it online. As you check online you will find list of best and well reviewed strip clubs in your place.

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Most popular X-rated films in 2016

The year 2016 is the year when superhero and romantic movies gained significant traction when it comes to its rise in popularity. When these types of movies rose into fame, X-rated films in the form of parodies began to emerge in the adult film industry as well. So which ones the best adult film versions? Here is a quick list of the most popular X-rated films in 2016:

  1. Harley in the Nuthouse

If Harley Quinn in the film Suicide Squad turned you on, worry not, for Harley in the Nuthouse offers you the second best thing. This production by Brazzers will fulfil your fantasies when it comes to our mischievous villain with its jaw-dropping sex scenes, featuring the crowd favourite, Riley Reid.

  1. Suicide Squad: An Axel Braun Parody

Can’t get enough of the worst superheroes ever? Then give this adult version parody starring the some of the most familiar names in the industry: Asa Akira, Riley Steel, and a slew of other hot up and coming stars. This one’s got a very captivating plot and outstanding sex scenes. The film’s Joker is portrayed by Tommy Pistol and will not disappoint. With its outstanding cast and entertaining storyline, this movie directed by Axel Braun and produced by Wicked Pictures is a must- watch.

  1. Storm of King XXX.

“All men must die”, but before doing that, every Game of Thrones fan who is into adult films should watch this parody. Bloodshed, dragons, and hard-core sex is the main formula that gave this particular production the success. Not very different from the actual the Game of Thrones series right? Directed by Dick Bush and starring Peta Jansen, Aletta Ocean, and Anissa Kate; This film production by Brazzers, is wanted by many adults.

  1. Sex Machina

If you are a fan of 18+ movies that feature more futuristic themes such as those involving robots and artificial intelligence then this one might be the thing for you. Sex Machina, derived from the Ex Machina movie, provides viewers with a varied array of content. From deep penetration to lesbian sex, threesomes, blowjobs and swallowing, this will fulfil every fan boy and fan girl’s fantasies.

  1. Super Girl XXX

Another parody, the adult movie Super Girl XXX is a popular gem among fans of Axel Braun‘s productions.  It features both Superman and Batman together, set within a captivating plot. This film is also a bonus for diehard Riley Reid fans since she is playing the role of Super Girl. She is one of the few stars who show great chemistry with any actors or actresses they are casted with.

  1. Win a Date with Sofia Blake

Perfect for “vanilla sex” lovers, this film features the true story of the porn actress Sofia Blake. It portrays sexy and romantic sex with emotional connections. Stormy Daniels’s direction and Wicked Pictures’ production will surely make it worth your while.

  1. Come Inside Me Volume 2

This movie, produced by James Avalon, features the story of what you would deem to be the average couple. However, the guy has a problem because of her girlfriend, and she’s completely unaware about it. Come Inside Me is full of romance and orgasms, all set against a pretty endearing plot. The best component of the movie is the awesome direction of Sweet Sinner when it came to the steamy sex scenes.

  1. Do Me Like Daddy

Filled with lesbian sex, kissing, and lovemaking, this movie is perfect for fans of soft-core adult movies. The story revolves around a girl and her curiosities when it comes to different sexual pleasures. This popular X- rated film is produced by Desperate Pleasures, and is stars Hope Harper and Zoey Carter.

  1. Babysitting the Baumgartners

If you are into dirty talk and solo masturbation, this movie is for you. Kay Brandt’s flawless direction, along with the outstanding skills of the cast, would have you engaged for the whole movie. This motion picture features Selena Kitt in its title role and is produced by Adam and Eve Pictures.

  1. London Knights: A Heroes and Villians XXX Parody

With a thrilling action story paired with steamy hot sex, this movie is perfect for both male and female fans alike. Meant to stimulate both mind and body, this film will surely keep your eyes glued to the screen the whole time. It stars some of the today’s biggest and most popular names, including: Rina Ellis, Sienna Day, Kayla Green, Mila Milan, Nekana Sweet, and Jessie Volt. Digital Playground has once again, raised the level of art in the adult film industry.

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